Wallpaper Hanging Ipswich

With over 20 years of experience in decorating, we have the expertise and previous experience to hand to enable us to offer excellent quality wallpaper hanging Ipswich for your home or office in Ipswich. Our team of decorators have experienced all kinds of wall paper hanging, including simple whole room hangings designed to bring a room together, intricately detailed feature walls with heavy patterns and paper murals featuring company logos, both textured and untextured.

Our wall paper hanging service is all inclusive of preparation, expert application, a professional, clean and tidy workspace, and final finishing to ensure a rounded and complete high quality job. When it comes to wall paper hanging, it can seem like an incredibly daunting task, but with a great visual pay off, when done correctly.

Expert wallpaper hanging Ipswich 

However with no training and little experience wall paper hanging can easily go from visually impactful to a visual disaster. Wall paper hanging relies on lining up the paper correctly and evenly to create a seamless illusion. Just a millimetre or two can ruin the finished look. With pattern heavy designs, this is all the more important.

Current interior fashion trends show big designs and heavy patterns being hugely popular in homes, which makes wallpaper even harder for amateurs and home DIYers. Which is why we take such pride in our years of experience in wall paper hanging. We guarantee to give you the visual you can be proud of and that will last for many years to come.

Wallpaper Hanging Ipswich

Why Choose Us For Your Painting and Decorating?

Our painter and decorator ipswich team, are here make your dreams come true. We offer no obligation free quotation for home owners and businesses looking to brighten up their rooms.

We can also offer our expert advice on purchasing the right wallpaper for your specific project, from the best quality brands to what prints and patterns would work best in your space. 

Whether you need an entire room fitted for wallpaper, or want to create a feature of a wall with a wallpaper mural for your home or your office, we can offer advice as well as our application skills. We can also offer advise on paper textures which can create an added depth to a room, as well as providing a higher quality feel to the paper, and thus your room or space.

Feature room Wallpaper Hanging Ipswich 

Wallpaper and mural hangings work brilliantly in offices, as well as homes, to make a statement. Graphics can be printed on to wall paper so you can incorporate your company logo into your main office walls, your reception area, or client and meeting areas. Wherever you think it will have the biggest impact. 

With that we not only guarantee a job worthy of your good business but whilst we work offer a professional, clean and tidy environment to ensure minimal disruption for your  employees and customers.

Cosy Decorated Rooms For Your Home 

The same is true for at home wallpaper hangings. We aim to fit in around your family life, ensuring as little interruption to your day to day life as possible whilst providing a high quality decorating service.We aim to provide the best wallpaper hanging service in Ipswich and the surrounding areas, which includes wall preparation. 

A clean wall is always needed for good ipswich wallpaper hanging, which we will do ourselves on arrival to complete your work. We can also offer any additional decorating once your wall paper hanging has been completed to ensure your full decoration needs and desires are met.

Wallpaper Hanging Ipswich

For Ipswich Decorators You Can Trust Us

If your home or business is based in Ipswich Suffolk and the surrounding areas, our ipswich wallpaper hanging team are ready and waiting to bring your wallpaper dreams to life. For your free no obligation quotation for your wall paper hanging needs, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team via the phone or online today.

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