Commercial Decorators Ipswich

At AKW Painters we are experts in commercial property painting and decorating. From warehouses, factories and commercial offices, to shops, hospitals and schools, we have experience in improving the appearance and environment of all types of commercial buildings.

Dulux Decorators Ipswich

Our professionally trained decorators Ipswich service will provide your commercial property and business with the highest possible standard of work whilst maintaining a professional work environment with minimal impact for our clients. We know that building improvement can have a negative impact on productivity, but we aim to minimise this as much as possible through collaborative working with clients.

If we need to work out of business hours or at weekends, we will, to ensure you get the job you’re paying for without disruption for you and your employees and customers.

Based near Ipswich Gymnastics Centre we’re excellently placed to cover all commercial properties across Ipswich and surrounding areas, for any job, from small room refurbishments to full scale building repaints and renovations for new business premises. We offer both internal and external painting and decorating, including the all important preparation work to ensure that your finished work lasts as long as possible with limited deterioration.

Commercial Decorators Ipswich

Why us?

Our painter and decorator ipswich team are fully trained in all residential home improvement  techniques, as well as being fully professionally accredited and holding 20+ years of painting and decorating experience.

Quality is of utmost importance to us, leaving you with a job well done and a home to be proud of is our main priority. We promise to treat your home decorating as if it were our own home decorating, using premium, high quality products.

Office Interior Designing

Your premises appearance says a lot about your business as a whole. If you take pride in your outward property appearance, than you’re likely to take pride in every aspect of your business, which is why high quality work and premium products are always used in our work to give your building that best first impression vibe.

Whilst we work, we also keep it professional, clean and tidy, adhering to high safety standards, particularly for external works, meaning that even while your building is being worked on, it has a professional and appropriate appearance. We want to impact your business as little as possible whilst creating something with big impact for your business.


With 20+ years experience in all areas of property improvement, including painting, wallpapering, plastering, and wall covering and coating applications,we guarantee a job that you will want to shout about to your customers, and business partners.

Expert Painters And Decorators Ipswich

Expert decorators Ipswich

Our painters and decorators are trained and experienced in all manners of commercial properties, including public sector non-residential buildings such as schools and educational facilities, to specialist commercial properties requiring protective coatings and specialised paints such as hospitals and factories. We also cover commercial warehouses and offices, in all manner of materials, from masonry to metal work premises.

Interior Office Refurbishments Ipswich

From full internal office refurbishments, to a day of redecorating to tie the office to your new business branding, our painters and decorators will provide a high quality finish whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism. We want to be seen as an extension of your business so encourage a clean and tidy work environment whilst undertaking your internal building improvement. We realise that the inside of any business premise is a busy one, especially ones with machinery and high volumes of employees. We aim to ensure minimal disruption to the internal workings of your business, even offering out of hours work where required.

Should your office space need a revamp, we are fully equipped to bring your decorating ideas to life including wallpapering and mural application, as well as general interior painting and decorating of walls, windows and doors.

Within schools and educational facilities we can work inside or outside schooling hours, and ensure a safe and secure working environment as well as our usual high quality workmanship.

For more specialist commercial buildings, we have extensive knowledge in protective coating applications to protect interior walls, providing a lasting finish that won’t be tarnished or deteriorated by business chemicals or general wear and tear from heavy traffic present in warehouses and factories.


Make a statement about your business with your outward appearance. The exterior of your building says as much as the inside, often being the first impression for customers, particularly for retail and customer facing businesses.

Our painters and decorators are experienced exterior decorators, trained in paint application to masonry, wood and metal exteriors so you can match your exterior building to your business branding, or give it a fresh and clean professional appearance. Our decorators are also able to install wooden and metal cladding to your building exterior.

We are able to apply minor repairs to your buildings exterior in order to ensure that our decorating works are able to last as long as possible. With the British weather, the upkeep of your buildings exterior isn’t just about maintaining a good appearance but ensuring your building is also secure and able to combat and withstand adverse weather. The last thing you want is a leak from a rust hole in your building wall or window seal. Our protective exterior paints are designed to be used in the British weather, ensuring that you have a high quality finish that will last throughout the seasons.

Our team will provide their own safety equipment, including scaffolding to ensure the safety and security of all your employees as well as our own whilst completely your business premises improvement.

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